Mr. Bernard – Resident (Regent Pratumnak Condominium)


Q. Where are you from?


A. I have been living in Lyons, France for most of my life working at Bank Credit Lyonnais.

  Q. How often have you visited Thailand?
  A. At least once a year since the 1980s. Sometimes more than that. Mostly to Pattaya and Phuket.
  Q. What attracted you to Thailand?
  A.The weather, the beaches, the people, and the way of life, plus I was very familiar with everything
  Q. Why did you chose to live in Pattaya?
  A. When my job at Credit Lyonnais offered early retirement, I decided to sell everything in Lyons and move out here. My decision was weighed by several considerations. Mostly financial since living in Pattaya is much more economical than Phuket. Also in recent years Pattaya has made serious improvements to ease the westerner into this city. More restaurants and European food chains plus the infrastructure is much better.
  Q. How do you find living here?
  A. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to live here. I couldn’t really live in France on retirement in this style. It’s just too expensive. Many of my friends come out here to visit and if I need to go back then it’s only 12 hours from Bangkok.
  Q. How difficult was it for you to assimilate into Thai culture and environment?
  A. Being that I’ve been coming here for years, I was already accustomed to the food, people, and climate, but I think for other foreigners the transition now is much easier than before as Pattaya has really set itself out to be a destination for westerners as a vacation place and second-home. Speaking Thai is a challenge but I am taking some classes to help bridge the communication gap, since I mostly speak French.
  Q. Do you plan to live here permanently?
  A. I have no intention to live in France and consider Pattaya my home.
  Q. When you first began looking for property, what style of property were you looking for ( House, Condo or business)?
  A. My choice of residence was a condo, because it was what I could afford without taxing my pension. Many people come out here and spend everything they have on a house. I felt that with a condo I was playing it safe while not sacrificing on comfort. I saw regent Pratumnak and said, "This could be home."
  Q. What was your priority when searching for property (location, convenience, construction, building style, etc...?)
  A. My priority was location and price along with comfort. Here at regent Pratumnak I’m only a few minutes away from Pattaya’s restaurants, shopping, and night life. The price was very affordable in comparison to other condos and I liked the style of the condos inside and outside.
  Q. What was your purpose in purchasing a property (Residence or investment)?
  A. I bought this two-bedroom condo principally as a home, but also I wanted someplace that would appreciate in value over the years, although I have no intentions of moving in the near or far future. Like I said before, "This is home."
  Q. What was your specific reason for choosing Regent Pratumnak Condo?
  A. Besides from the location I liked the idea that the condo was ready with all the furnishings. I liked the décor Indochine Asset Management offered and was happy to save both time and money with the ability to walk into a condo fully set up for living in comfort.
  Q. How did Regent Pratumnak Condo appeal to your life style?
  A. The simple life with all the luxuries of modern living. I bought the two-bedroom so that friends can stay with me and if I want to trade apartments in France this location and level of luxury will make that move easy.
  Q. How do you like living in Pratumnak Condo?
  A. From day one I have been pleased with everything about the condo and the treatment of the staff. They are friendly and helpful. This move was easier than I had anticipated.
  Q. Would you recommend Regent Pratumnak Condo or others projects within Indochine Asset Group to your friends?
  A. I would happily recommend anyone looking for a living situation to contact Indochine Asset Management because of their professionalism and attention to detail.
  Q. By any chance would you consider purchasing more property or invest with Indochine Asset group?
  A. This condo is all I want. My finances are solid so I don’t need to invest in anything at present.
  Q. Do you have any recommendations to your friends or other foreigners when considered to purchase any property in Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand?
  A. Location and price are most important, but also deciding what you really need for the years to come whether you are retiring here or just buying a vacation home. It’s nice having a big house, but you can only live in one room at a time, which is why a condo is perfect for me.